Application for Roadster Championship Status

  •     $75.00 must accompany application
  •     15 points for Champion Status
  •    20 points for Grand Champion Status
  •    Grand Champion Status is obtained after the Champion Status

Point System

  • All points must be obtained at USEF recognized shows.
  • Must place 1st in classes where there were 4 horses or more in the class to count for points.

1 point for qualifying classes

2 points for Championship or Jackpot classes

4 points for World Championship Horse Show 

Complete the following form and return with check to


2755 Bunten Rd

Duluth GA 30096

Horse’s Name: ___________________________________


Owner: ________________________________________

Please list the following information

Horse Show         Date Of Show        Title of Class               # of Horses in Class








Office Use: 

Date Received: ___________________    Check # ______________________


Certificate sent:______________________________