2015 Meeting held August 27, 2015 at 11 am

Steve Crabtree calls the meeting to order

Steve Crabtree introduced the Officers

Steve Crabtree brought up that our numbers were up to over 70 horses entered this year at Louisville. With the majority of them being registered Standardbreds


Rick Adams (secretary treasurer Report)

    Financial report for the year

    Starting balance (as of August 29,2014)  $17,113.08

    total expenses $22,448.61

    Total Deposits $51,255.26

    Balance (as of August 27, 2015) $ 27,211.65


    Horse Show

        Total deposits $10,125

        Total debits $6,192.57

        Total made $3,932.43


Unfinished business

    Kim Dunn   Museum Relocation Project 

        She contacted the Horse Park Shortly after Louisville last year and at that point it  was out for it was to expensive

        Where do you want put it ?  Discussed different possibilities

            Mark Catron Lexington VA possibility

            Rick Adams Bennett Family possibly has property in Shelbyville KY

            Lori Nelson mentioned that the carriage driving building at Horse Park was now available.  Kim Dunn will be finding out about its rent.

            Dr. Blevins mentioned he might be able to raise the money needed for it to be moved there

   Lowering the age for undersaddle classes creating a Youth Undersaddle Class 

        making it 15-21 same as bike

        Motion passed to start that class

New Business

    Lack of education on judging

        More involved in judging clinics 

            Bo Lucas mentioned about how they breeze through roadhorses at clincs

        Discussion of getting horse show managers picking judges who know something about Roadhorses and checking with USEF if the Judge has good evaluations or bad ones

            USEF representatives Lori Nelson and Jennifer Mellenkamp mentioned filling out evaluation on bad judging those do go in the judges files and after enough they have to    

            answer for them and if there are to many they can lose their licenses.  

        Getting KSF to have one designated road judge who judges every roadclass with help from other the other judges.  

        Getting ARHPA a computer of its own motioned was passed for this.

         Having more meeting through out the year.  Discussion was held about having a meeting at Super Convention in February (we are already working on seeing if this is possible). Other Horse shows were mentioned as possibilities as well.                

         Offering a couple of clinics across the country and different times of the year. Setting up one format and fees for the clinics were it is easy to just change the information and activities can change.  Having clinics in the Carolinas, Ky and possibly a third Location was mentioned.  Motion passed to have clinics again.  

Election of Officers (all were nominated and passed voting)

President-- James Nichols 

vp -Ponies     Janet Crampton

Vp- horse    JonWalker 

Secretary     Rick Adams 


   Election of Board of Directors (all were nominated and passed voting)   

Steve Hanks

Mike Barlow

Larry Jenkins

Brian Garrett

Bo Lucas