Junior Exhibitor Road Pony Award


1)    Juniors must be junior members of the ARHPA.

2)    Any Show Counts for points.    

3)    Amateur classes will count ONLY if there is no junior exhibitor class         offered.

4)    Championship class will be held at TBA

5)    High Point Winner as well as class winners will receive awards.

6)    October 1, 2018 is the cut off for the show points to be turned into:

        Rick Adams—Can either be mailed to or emailed

        2755 Bunten Rd                

        Duluth GA 30096

Fill of the form signed by current trainer.  Send name of show, the date it was held, and the class placing.          

7)    Points to be tabulated as follows:

        1st    6 points

        2nd    5 points

        3rd    4 points

        4th    3 points

        5th    2 points

        ALL other class entries to receive 1 point.

Return to Rick Adams                    ARHPA

2755 Bunten Rd                                                   Jr. Exhibitors Road Pony Awards

Duluth GA 30096                                               Points tabulated as follows:

678-296-7442                                                        1st = 6 points

or                2nd = 5 points

Returned by October 1, 2018                          3rd = 4 points

                                                                                4th = 3 points

                                                                                5th = 2 points

                                                                               All other placings = 1 point